June 28

5 Reasons To Love An Air Fryer


by Rob Baker

The name air fryer is a bit of a misnomer. An air fryer is not actually a fryer; it is a countertop convection oven that requires very little oil to achieve a real fryer's similar golden and crispy results. However, frying foods is not the only reason to love an air fryer, and as most people will tell you, an air fry cannot match the effects of a deep fryer. The real benefit of an air fryer is its versatility and efficiency.

Most people will avoid purchasing the $50 to $300 air fryer because they feel they can’t justify it. After all, how many people have kitchens, garages, and basements filled with one-off appliances — grilled cheese toaster, anyone? However, while it can be hard convincing your loving spouse to spend money on yet another life-changing device, the air fryer is worth every penny if you know what you're getting and how to use it.

The Advantages of Owning an Air Fryer

Most countertop appliances are gimmicks; they are fun to have for a while, but you quickly lose interest and put them in the basement. An air fryer can become a gimmicky appliance if you only use it for fried foods. Still, using it as a convection oven is incredibly versatile and has at least five significant benefits.

1. Time-Saving

Many people understand the frustration when you want a serving of sweet potato fries, but the process to get them takes 20 to 30 minutes in a traditional oven. A lot of time is spent waiting for the oven to preheat. As a smaller appliance, an air fryer can heat to cooking temperatures much faster than an oven, making the process of cooking much quicker.

2. Temperature Control

You probably know the feeling of sweat and exhaustion that stems from cooking over a hot stove or using the oven for large meals. The thought of such discomfort often drives many people to buy fast food on hot days. Thankfully, an air fryer doesn’t heat the entire kitchen to make a meal. The appliance heats quickly and cools quickly, meaning your house can stay cool, and you can still enjoy a homecooked meal even on the hottest days of the year.

3. Crispy Leftovers

No one can argue the usefulness of a microwave oven. Still, when it comes to reheating leftovers, it is disappointing: pizza is soggy, chicken tenders are dry, and other food items are just not ideal. An air fryer eliminates the disappointment of eating leftovers from a micro. Pizza comes out crispy; chicken tenders remain tender. Honestly, it would be worth purchasing an air fryer for leftovers alone. You can also use your air fryer to make delicious frozen food items, like waffles, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, etc.

4. Comfort Food

Chicken wings, donuts, fried chicken, potato chips, and so many other comfort/junk foods require the use of calorie-laden oil, significantly ballooning the calorie content of your favorite foods. Because an air fryer requires little to no oil, your favorite foods can save on the calorie impact from frying.

5. Minimal Mess

Finally, air fryers require minimal cleanup. The basket is enclosed, which prevents oil spills, and because of the limited oil usage, it is nothing to wash the basket and wipe down the appliance.

Are you ready to give an air fryer a try?


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  1. my air fryer is the best appliance l have bought in years. the way it cooks is amazing especially pork
    the crackle is the best l have ever had it makes me look like the best chef

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