I started The Paleo Investigator 10 years ago because my husband, Rob, and I had a hard time finding a simple, healthy lifestyle we could both follow.

We often ended up trading healthy choices for convenience because our lives are busy and we didn't have the time to spend hours on research and meal prep.

The Paleo Investigator was born to show you that healthy living is possible, even when your life is demanding and busy. 

I do a lot of research and test different diets and health trends, so you can find what works for you! 


Popular in Asian cuisine, sesame oil is a product of pressed plain or toasted sesame seeds. Depending on the specific menu, cooks

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A good home chef will plan their meals well in advance. Doing so ensures your family has access to delicious and nutritious

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Comfort foods often have a bad reputation. You naturally assume that tasty foods will ravage your diet and prevent you from getting

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I don’t know about you, but grilling food has always challenged me. We have an outdoor grill that is great for summertime

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There are countless ways to boost the protein content of breakfasts, lunches and dinners with nutritious tuna, from quick salads to filling

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Despite the importance of iodine, nearly one-third of the population does not consume enough and is at risk of deficiency. For most

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