June 29

The Best Restaurants for a Keto Diet


by Rob Baker

Healthy eating is meant to be a lifestyle, not a restrictive diet. It's important to be flexible with yourself and your family. Making meals at home is healthier, but sometimes going to a restaurant is a lifesaver:

  • You have an urgent deadline at work
  • You feel too exhausted to cook
  • You want to have an evening to relax
  • Your friends invite you out
  • Your kids are begging you to go to a restaurant

What are the best restaurants for keto? Whether you're looking for something to pick up on the way home or a spot to celebrate the Super Bowl, there are many keto-friendly options.

1. Breakfast All Day

Any restaurant that serves breakfast all day is an easy pick for keto. Eggs, bacon, cheese and fresh veggies are staples of keto, and there are tons of breakfast choices that include them. If you're going out as a family, order an omelet with extra cheese (minus the potatoes) and enjoy.

Places like IHOP and Waffle House are favorites with kids and adults alike. For quicker get-togethers over coffee, try the Sous Vide Egg Bites at Starbucks as a keto-friendly snack.

Some crepes use almond flour instead of wheat flour, and you can fill them with delightful ingredients such as meats, cheeses, mushrooms and chives. Remember to avoid fried, batter-covered things, sugary syrups, bread and pancakes.

2. Steak and BBQ

Steak, seafood and BBQ joints are heaven for meat-lovers and keto enthusiasts. Not only can you find endless types of juicy protein to sink your teeth into, but it's pretty easy to share dishes with others. That's perfect for laughing and joking during a night out with friends.

You probably already have several mouthwatering ideas in mind that serve up tasty chicken, smoky brisket and ribs, grilled seafood and other keto faves. A word to the wise: Instead of ordering menu items slathered in carb-heavy barbecue sauce, go with spicy rubs. They give you plenty of flavor, lots of protein and delicious fats without breaking any keto rules.

3. Greek

Mediterranean eating and the keto diet go hand in hand. Greek restaurants offer flavorful kebabs, lots of grilled fish options, creamy tzatziki (a relatively low-carb sauce made with Greek yogurt), fresh feta cheese and many varieties of tangy salads. Plus, the healthy fats in olives and olive oil are a great bonus for ketosis.

4. Asian

Sashimi, salads and miso are amazing low-carb options, and they're more elegant than some of the other options on this list. They can impress business clients in a pinch or make for a romantic date night that's happily keto. Stick to sauces that aren't sweetened, such as soy sauce or ginger-based sauces.

Another option is to visit an Asian grill with Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Korean influences. The beautiful thing about these cook-to-order spots is that it's a breeze to load up on veggies and proteins, leave out the rice or noodles, and choose a low-carb sauce.

Other Restaurants

Most restaurants have keto-friendly options, but sometimes you have to make them rather than pick them. For example, you may need to turn subs or fajitas into salads or order your chicken Alfredo with veggies instead of pasta. Also, remember that sauces containing sugar are high in carbs (even Italian vinaigrettes), so check the count before going crazy with dressings.


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