December 3

6 Highly Effective, No-Equipment Indoor Cardio Workouts


by Julie Baker

It’s that time of year again — the leaves are almost done falling, the temperatures are quickly dropping and the first snowfall is just a few weeks away (if it hasn’t arrived already). Though the idea of holing up on the couch under a blanket all winter long may appeal to you, it’s important for your health and sanity that you get up and move each day. The good news is, you don’t have to go outside to do so, and you don’t have to hit the gym. There are dozens of effective indoor cardio workouts you can do to get your heart rate up and burn calories. Below are just six of them.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are an advanced, whole-body workout that helps you work up a sweat and shed a ton of calories. To perform mountain climbers, get down into pushup position. Extend your right leg backward and bring your left up so that your knee is early touching your chest. While keeping your hands on the ground and at hip level, quickly switch the position of the legs. Keep doing this for 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds and then do them again. Repeat two to three times.


If you thought mountain climbers were hard, try a set of burpees to really get your heart pumping. Another advanced and full-body workout, burpees are one of the best indoor, no-equipment cardio workouts you can do. To do a burpee, start in the pushup position. Push off the balls of your feet to bring your knees to your chest and then jump into a squat. Jump out of the squat and into the air, raising your hands like you just don’t care. Land back into a squat, and jump back into pushup position. Repeat for 30 seconds two to three times.

Stair Climb

If you have stairs in your home, add them into your workout routine. Climbing up and down the stairs several times is a great and easy way to tone your leg muscles and improve your cardiovascular health.

Squat Front Kick

Want to work on your balance while toning your glutes? Give this workout a try. Do squats as normal, but each time you return to standing, raise one of your legs and kick it out straight in front of you. Alternate legs on each squat. To work out different muscles, do side kicks on every other rotation.

Jump Rope

Don’t worry, you don’t need an actual jump rope to “jump rope” in your home. With your hands at your side, mime swinging an actual rope. Jump the imaginary rope as it comes around. As with actual jumping rope, the quicker you can hope, the more effective the workout becomes.


Dancing is one of the best workouts you can do, as it not only burns a ton of calories but also, it can lighten your mood. If you don’t feel like working out, put on some tunes and start moving. Just a half an hour of continuous dancing can help you burn 200 to 400 calories, depending on your weight.

You don’t need equipment or to go outside to raise your heart rate and burn calories. You simply need yourself, a solid floor, maybe a stereo system and 15 to 30 minutes of free time. That said, there’s no excuse this winter to not move. Take care of yourself on even the coldest of days by engaging in the above activities.


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