March 23

The Best Veggies to Make Into Noodles


by Julie Baker

Do you ever miss the taste of noodles when you’re following the Paleo way of eating? If you thought you had to say goodbye to your favorite pasta dishes forever, I have great news! There are many different substitutes for regular white flour pasta, including vegetables.

Vegetable noodles are nutritious, delicious, and easier to make than traditional flour noodles. You’ll just need to invest in a spiralizer, which is easy to find online. But not all veggies can make good noodles. You have to choose vegetables that lend the right texture and flavor to your noodle dishes. Here are some of the best veggies for your noodle-making efforts to save you time and effort.

Butternut Squash

I love the mild, nutty flavor of butternut squash, which is why it’s one of my favorite vegetables to turn into noodles. It also has the subtlest sweet flavor that compliments cheese sauce and traditional marinara sauce quite well. I spiralize the butternut squash, then toss it in a cast-iron skillet with just a bit of Paleo-friendly marinara sauce. I like to add shallot, garlic and some seasonings to taste. It’s a quick dinner option saturated with nutrients like vitamin A, potassium and fiber.


Most people love the mild taste of zucchini, which is why spiralized zucchini noodles are so popular. You can probably find them at your local grocery store or health food store. But if you have a spiralizer in your home, you can save money by making zucchini noodles yourself. “Zoodles,” as they are lovingly called, have a great texture that is very close to traditional spaghetti once prepared. They’re also loaded with magnesium, vitamin C and fiber.

Zoodles taste great with Paleo-friendly spaghetti sauce. They also taste great sauteed in ghee with a touch of garlic powder and Himalayan pink salt. The flavor pairs well with many ingredients, so feel free to experiment until you discover your favorite zoodle dish.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are so versatile and full of flavor. They make great noodles for a variety of dishes, including curries. Sweet potatoes help fight off aging and diseases, thanks to their high content of vitamin A and B vitamins. They can also boost your energy and are very satisfying. Finally, they are high in fiber and can help contribute to healthy digestion.


Cucumbers are full of water, which doesn’t make them an obvious choice for noodles. But cucumber noodles are excellent in salads and Asian dishes. Just enjoy them raw because they don’t have a good texture when cooked. Spiralized cucumbers add a really great crunch to summery salads and spring rolls.


You either love the taste of beets or hate them. I find that fresh beets are a little too earthy for my preferences, but I absolutely love pickled beets. Beets are an important part of any paleo diet because they are full of antioxidants. Raw pickled beets taste amazing in salads. You can also roast beets to use in pestos and other paleo pasta dishes.

Athletes like to include beets in their diets because they can boost athletic power and increase energy produced by the mitochondria in your body. Beets may also boost brain power and improve immune function. This is because they are full of important nutrients like potassium, fiber, vitamin C and iron. They’re also low in calories, which is a huge plus for anyone who’s trying to achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

If you want to enjoy noodles again, now is a great time to start! Try turning all of the above vegetables into nutritious noodles to determine which type is your favorite.


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