March 15

Should You Try TikTok Recipes?


by Rob Baker

A dramatic video angle, a robotic voiceover, and an appetizing-looking dish; you've seen the videos — the short 15-second to three-minute snippets that have made TikTok a social media powerhouse — depicting countless recipes that promise out-of-this-world flavor. Can you trust them?

As with most things on social platforms, you should take TikTok food recipes with a grain of salt. That said, not all recipes are frauds; many are good and have the social capital to prove it. Still, it is best to use caution, especially at current grocery store prices.

The Views Game

Social media platforms are not about developing and distributing factual content; they are about creating enticing content. Creators want to get eyeballs on their videos to increase revenue. Like all social media channels, TikTok is primarily a marketing vehicle.

That said, many creators genuinely strive to create authentic and helpful videos. You can find many videos of recipes that are unique and real, proof of authors trying to build an honest brand through quality content.

Still, before wasting your hard-earned money on groceries and cooking experiments, look for reviews. Ensure that you are not wasting food and money in the views game.

Some Recipes Worth Trying

TikTok is full of recipes, and it is challenging to sort through the videos to find the diamonds in the rough. That said, according to Jessica Sulima over at Thrillist, there are at least five recipes that deserve your attention:

  1. Sesame ginger chicken salad courtesy of @spoonforkbacon
  2. Roast carrots and butter beans with lemon tahini dressing courtesy of @boroughchef
  3. Harissa tomato gnocchi courtesy of l@ucyandlentils
  4. Mini creme brulee donuts courtesy of @lifewithtuyen
  5. Mapo tofu courtesy of @cj.eats

Experimentation and Trust

With the perseverance of misinformation and the drive of greed and popularity, it is easy to write off social platforms as devoid of any real value, but that is a mistake. Social platforms, including TikTok, remove borders and help connect people of various backgrounds and cultures.

While blind trust is not recommended, there is nothing wrong with a bit of experimentation, especially with diet. If you are scouring through hundreds of TikTok videos trying to find something to eat, then trust your gut and give something a try. Obviously, it is best to look for videos with a lot of support, but try what you want. The main thing is to ensure that what you decide to try is safe for you to eat, that the cooking practices are legit, and that the creator knows what they are talking about or demonstrating.

TikTok videos have a knack for making everything look easy and delicious. As a savvy social media user, you know that almost nothing is as it seems on social platforms. Before you choose to spend money and invest your time into cooking TikTok recipes, do your homework. Check reviews to see if other people like the meal. Dive into the cooking methods used to see if the poster is knowledgeable. Also, ensure that temperatures and times are accurate and safe.


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