April 6

How To Improve the Taste and Texture of Your Homemade Smoothies


by Rob Baker

Buying a fresh smoothie from a local juice bar or health food store is a nutritious treat when out and about on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, attempting to repeat the smooth beverage at home is challenging and often unsuccessful. The inability to repeat a smoothie is frustrating for consumers, especially since most establishments are not overly secretive about their recipes. In most cases, recipe failures come down to ingredient and equipment differences. Speaking with smoothie-making experts, home chefs have five ways to improve their smoothies.

1. Use the Right Equipment

Many people have bargain-priced blenders or hand-me-down options. According to experts, these tools are not efficient for getting the buttery smoothness you get from store-bought smoothies. If you want milkshake consistency, you need to spend money on quality equipment. Quality equipment, in this case, means purchasing a restaurant-grade blender. One of the most popular blender options is the Vitamix. While you do not have to get a top-of-the-line model, you will want to find a blender with quality blades and various settings and speeds.

2. Use Fresh Ingredients

Many people purchase frozen fruits and vegetables for their homemade smoothies. While there is nothing wrong with buying frozen ingredients, you will not get the same burst of flavor nor the same nutritional punch from your smoothies. A quality smoothie uses quality, fresh ingredients. You will also want to use ingredients sooner rather than later. The fresher the produce, the fresher your drink will taste.

3. Use the Proper Order

When fixing your blender, you always want to insert food in the proper order. According to the pros, you want to start with your liquid base, followed by fruits and vegetables and other ingredients, and topped with ice. The liquid base should cover the tips of the blades of the blender. Many experts also recommend using at least one cup of mixed leafy greens to get the most nutrients.

4. Make It Creamy

Many people want their smoothies to have a milkshake texture like the drink shops. For a creamier consistency, you may want to experiment with various ingredients, such as:

  • Organic nut butter 
  • Bele 
  • Granola 
  • Coconut milk 
  • Maca root

With the right mix of ingredients, your smoothie can remind you of those creamy beverages from your youth. Almond butter tends to be a preferred ingredient for making a milk-like consistency.

5. Use Superfoods To Improve Nutrition and Texture

Superfoods continuously change and expand. From avocado to goji berries, there are so many foods, exotic and native, that can make your smoothies something special. However, not all superfoods contribute to the taste of your smoothies. Most experts recommend a few select ingredients to improve the taste and nutrition of your drink, including:

  • Maca root (regulates hormones) 
  • Chia seeds (protect vital organs) 
  • Goji berries (loaded with antioxidants) 
  • Cacao (possesses antioxidants and cancer-fighting qualities)

You can make delicious smoothies from the comfort of your kitchen. According to experts, a good smoothie depends on the use of excellent equipment, fresh ingredients, and the right combination of those ingredients.


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