November 9

Does When You Eat Matter As Much As What You Eat?


by Rob Baker

You know how important choosing nutritious foods is for your body. Does the time of day matter when it comes to healthy eating?

Is Eating a Big Breakfast Actually That Important?

Our parents and grandparents have told us this for ages: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Is it true? Many scientists think so.

When you think about it, filling up at the breakfast makes perfect sense. The main purpose of food is to provide nutrients and energy for your body. And when does your body need the most energy? For most people, in the morning. Starting off your workday with a nutritious meal provides fuel for your muscles, brain and heart.

Several recent studies support this. People who at a larger breakfast (instead of a larger dinner) had better blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol. They also lost more weight and had an easier time sleeping at night.

Are Snacks Bad for Your Waistline?

Snacks get a bad rep, but they’re not necessarily bad for you. It basically depends on what you eat and what your body’s energy needs are. Construction workers in the sun are going to definitely need some snacks around 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Office workers can also need a boost of energy if they’ve been working all morning on complex mental tasks.

Forget about junk food and empty carbs that don't do anything besides turn into fat. Choose fast-but-nutritious snacks such as almonds, cashews, Greek yogurt, carrots, fruit, beef jerky or granola (homemade without all the sugar).

Is It Better To Eat Lunch at the Same Time Every Day?

Some experts say you should only eat when you’re hungry. Others say your body depends on eating meals according to your circadian rhythm. I tend to lean towards the “eat lunch at the same time” side. I feel like it helps my metabolism, blood sugar and energy levels stay more balanced during the day.

Whatever you decide, take your time eating lunch. Don’t rush through a drive-though and scarf down greasy fast food. Make a mason jar lunch that fits in the fridge at work and then take 20-30 minutes to relax while you eat (preferably with friends or family).

Are Huge Dinners Making You Gain Weight?

One of the biggest mistakes many Americans make is eating their largest meal in the evening. This is a problem because you’re adding tons of calories right when your physical activity is slowing down for the day.

The ideal routine is to eat a bigger breakfast and lunch, and a smaller dinner. That said, I know that it’s not possible for every family to do this. Fortunately, there’s another way to avoid the weight gain: exercising.

Contrary to what you may thing, working out in the evening is great. Whether you’re shooting hoops with friends, going for a bike ride or lifting weights, these activities speed up your metabolism and burn through those excess calories. Afterward, take a shower, cool down and relax until bedtime. You’ll actually sleep better and feel less stressed.

My Take on Times of Day for Eating

I would swear by a big breakfast any day of the week. Personally, it’s not about the statistics. It’s about how I feel. Putting something filling in my stomach keeps me energized all morning. I feel happier and more focused, like I can come up with ideas at work right away.


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