January 7

5 Ways To Squeeze Exercise Into Your Day


by Julie Baker

A lack of time is one of the leading reasons people give to explain why they don’t focus more on exercise. Many people have a genuine desire to live a healthy lifestyle, but they feel overwhelmed by their current schedules.  

It is easy for a fitness or health expert to say there is no such thing as a “lack of time” or that you make time for the things most important to your health and happiness. However, knowing the stresses of everyday living and the pressure to perform consistently, the idea of a lack of energy is understandable. 

Many fitness professionals suggest working out a minimum of 30 minutes per day. However, in the morning between getting the kids off to school and managing to make it to work on time; in the afternoon with budget meetings and project updates; or the evening after stopping at the grocery store to pick up dinner, make it, and get the kids to bed, finding the time can seem impossible. Still, it is manageable, especially if you break that 30 minutes down or find productive ways to include it in your day.  

1. Wake Up With Physical Activity

While not a favorite option, you can set your alarm a half-hour earlier than usual, allowing you to perform a simple workout routine before jumping in the shower; consider it as earning your shower. Exercise in the morning is an excellent way to unleash endorphins and get a boost of energy ahead of your workday. In fact, many people find exercise more beneficial than a cup of coffee as a PickMeUp.  

2. Play With Your Kids

No one said working out had to be a chore. Why not find the fun and excitement in exercise by playing with your kids? Play is activity, and activity is exercise. Chasing your little ones around playing tag or cops and robbers is an excellent way to boost your heart rate and get your blood flowing. If you want to add to the difficulty, play airplane: lift your kid and help them sore through the yard avoiding invisible skyscrapers. 

3. Flex While You Wait

Traffic is one of the worst aspects of a daily commute because it is typically unproductive. You can change how you use your time during traffic jams by exercising behind the wheel. Now, don’t try to do anything significant; all you need to do is flex your abdominal muscles, holding each flex for twenty seconds. While it might not seem like much, this simple exercise can be a killer core workout, depending on traffic. 

4. Bicycle or Walk To Work

How much time do you spend in your car? The amount of time you spend in a vehicle is a significant time-suck. If your place of employment is around 10 to 15 miles or less from your home, consider changing your commuting option. A bicycle or even walking is a much healthier and environmentally friendly transportation choice. 

5. Assume the Elevator Is Broken

Do you work in an office building on one of the upper floors? Instead of riding the elevator up and down every morning and evening, consider taking the stairs. It is a simple change, but it can work miracles for your physical well-being and stamina. 

Exercise does not need to be challenging; you can make minor adjustments to increase your activity throughout the day. Stop looking at workouts as something you need to perform in large blocks, and instead, view them as something you do in small increments. 

How can you fit exercise into your day? Comment below.


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