August 2

4 Processed Foods That Can be Paleo and Healthy


by Julie Baker

One of the basic rules of the paleo diet is to avoid any processed foods. The basis for such a blanket rule is that our bodies are not equipped to process these heavily processed foods and convenience foods that are pack full of preservatives and artificial sweeteners. However, sticking to this rule can be extremely difficult for some people. Often, a case can be made for certain processed foods to be incorporated into your paleo diet on a small scale. So what are some of these processed yet paleo friendly foods?


Alcohol is one the main no-no’s of the paleo diet, but some alcohol can actually be good for your body. Red wine is particularly popular and considered the best option for those looking to stick to their paleo regime as much as possible. White wines can also be acceptable, but always try and choose a dry wine and avoid anything sweet. As always, drinking in moderation is the most important element. Non-wine drinkers should consider a clear, non-grain based spirit with soda water as a mixer.


While dairy is strictly on the not allowed list of the paleo diet, certain dairy products can be acceptable to certain individuals. On the assumption that the individual has no lactose or casein issues, a natural and unsweetened yoghurt can be a good source of probiotics that are good for the stomach. Again, it is important to stress that any individuals with any kind of stomach, gluten dairy sensitivities should avoid all dairy completely.


Kefir is a fermented milk drink. This might make you immediately think it must not be allowed, but Kefir is actually one of the few widely regarded dairy products compatible with the paleo diet. It is high in nutrients and probiotics, and most of the lactose is actually removed by the fermentation process.

Natural Sweeteners

This can be a contentious one, but let’s face it, most people are going to struggle to maintain a diet that doesn’t allow them any kind of sweetener! Honey, maple syrup and even dark chocolate are all acceptable on the paleo diet…when eaten in moderation! This does not mean that should be eating chocolate by the bar or slathering your fruits in honey, but it does mean that you can treat yourself to something sweet without feeling like your diet is ruined. Just always remember the key word; moderation!


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